Any translations undertaken by BrophyTech will involve four logistical stages, which we believe helps us maintain a high translation standard. These logistical stages can be equated to a job function, and in fact will often involve up to four individual people. These job functions are:

- coordinator

- translator

- consistency checker

- rewriter

We regard the key element of an effective checking system to be communication. For this reason we insist on close interaction between translation, checking and rewriting during the entire process in order to achieve the most accurate results. This may include possible consultation, via the coordinator, with the customer to ensure that our understanding of points that may be confusing is correct. We find that customers appreciate the quality of the final translation resulting from such attention to detail.
We consider the stringent application of our checking system to be the most important aspect of our methodical approach to the translation business. In a nutshell, it is what sets us apart from other companies and is the key to providing truly professional translations.