As a translation company, nothing is more important to our success than the standard of the translators we employ. Our first requirements are therefore that a translator be qualified in their field of specialization and have relevant working and translation experience. Regardless of their qualifications, all of our translators are regularly evaluated to ensure that they meet and maintain our high standards. It is also essential to be able to meet the needs of our customers by using translators with the knowledge necessary to fulfill a customer’s requirements. We have found that we are best able to meet these needs by employing a an extensive network of external translators who are highly qualified in a vast range of technical areas. With such a highly and variously skilled pool of translators, we are able to access the expertise required to tackle a wide variety of translating tasks in a rapid and effective manner.

However, in today’s ever changing technological world, it is impossible to house all the expertise required under one roof, and this is where our extensive database of world-wide translators proves invaluable, enabling us to provide translations by individuals highly qualified in their field of specialization to ensure that even translations relating to the most unusual of subjects are translated by a translator with the relevant knowledge.