Most of our day to day translations are for entire patent specifications from Japanese into English, for filing by Japanese clients into the US or Europe. On top of this core business we also handle translations into Japanese for filing in Japan from clients around the world. Although Japanese and English are our two main languages, we also have a lot of experience with other languages, and maintain a network of translators skilled in a mutitude of languages.

Besides translation of specifications for filing, we also undertake the translation of official actions from patent authorities, as well as all correspondence and documentation that may arise during the prosecution of a patent.

We have handled just about everything that can be imagined in the patent field, and the table at the bottom of the page should give some insight into the diversity of material we have dealt with in the past.

If you have a question regarding a specific technical field, or any other queries relating to the translation of intellectual property materials, please contact us at

Electronic Devices
Semiconductor fabrication
Printer technology
Plating and deposition techniques
Motor control systems
Remote control systems
Portable telephones
Satellite transmission systems
Radio pagers
Cellular radio
Flat panel displays
Projected screen displays
Image processing
Video data recorders
CD players
Disc drives
Electromagnetic recording heads
Optical recording heads
MPEG encoding/decoding techniques
Data recording and transmission methods
Transmission-type display devices
Neural networks
Computer architecture
Networking Systems
File management systems
Data compression systems
Body tissue analysis apparatus
Collection and sorting mechanisms
Robotic devices
Cleaning mechanisms
Automotive Engineering
Manufacturing Technology
Vehicle navigation
Hybrid vehicles
(LPG-Electric) (Petrol-Electric)
Emission control systems
Servo systems
Fuel injection systems
Suspension systems
Internal combustion engines
Multiple tool machine tool control systems
Glass materials
Steel mills
Metal manufacturing processes
Nuclear Power
Control rods